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Welcome to the World-Class Vision Therapist Centre

The leading eye care centre where Vision Therapy is provided at its best to decrease or eliminate all progressive eye disorders. Partner with a team of professional Optometrists to effectively treat your eye disorders for a perfect life

100% Successful Vision Therapy

Where Your Vision is Restored with the Best Modern Technology

Quality Vision Therapy (Vision Training) improves your visual skills and abilities both in children and adults. Vision Therapy involves a series of programs, both computerised and non-computerized performed under the surveillance of a professional Optometrist or Orthoptist like Dr. Narinder Mehta. With the effective guidance and supervision of Dr. Narinder Mehta as well as his team, a patient is guaranteed of a better vision at the end of the program.

Multiple diagnostic procedures are performed at the advanced eye care centre with the help of advanced technology. Don not relent with Lazy, Double or any other eye disorder, our quality eye therapy may be the only hope.

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Have some Questions?

Who needs vision therapy?

Vision Therapy is a non-surgical eye treatment that will restore your proper vision or manage any progressive eye disorder. The power of Vision Therapy stands in the hands of an Optometrist and a patient’s dedication to the exercises/program aimed at restoring his or eye vision. Those with learning or reading problems, Myopia and many other conditions can be treated through Vision Therapy

How long does vision therapy take?

The period of Vision Therapy normally depends on the patient’s condition. Generally at Guru Nanak Vision Care Centre, the therapy ranges between 4 months to 6 months. Weekly appointments are scheduled according to the patient’s timing, but for effectiveness, the patient must follow the doctor’s appointments and program

How successful is vision therapy?

70% patients are able to restore a proper vision after the Therapy, but the success rate highly depends on;

  • The type of eye condition
  • Extent or severity
  • The patient’s dedication to treatment
  • The period and time that one is willing to set aside for the treatment

What does vision therapy cost?

Vision Therapy includes Eye Assessment, Pre-testing and the Actual Treatment. Therefore, one should expect to spend between RS. 15, 000 and RS. 25,000 or more. The treatment course or program is, at times changed depending on the doctor’s observation

What are vision therapy exercises?

Vision Therapy exercises include eye exercises and therapeutic procedures. The exercises include wearing concave lenses, convex lenses near point of convergence training, antisuppression exercises and many more.
Specialized devices such as lenses, prisms, Occluders, and generally computer and non-computer programs are used

Our Eye Services


Troubled with Amblyopia?

Lazy Eye Treatment
Detecting Amblyopia at an early age will render Lazy Eye Treatment effective and eliminate the disorder.


Focusing issues with your eyes?

Squint Treatment
Eye glasses may fail to produce the desired results. Effective Squint Treatment with Vision Therapy may be the best treatment


It’s not yet time for a surgery!

Myopia Treatment
Rather than a Refractive Error Surgery, discover your chances of a better vision with vision therapy experts. A surgery can wait


Do you lose track of your eyes?

Nystagmus Treatment
Uncontrollable eyes are not the best for you. Treat them through Vision Therapy- Simple, Effective and cost friendly

Binocular or Monocular

Diplopia or Double Vision Treatment
Train your brain through Vision Therapy to get rid of Diplopia. Here are the specialists in the field


You need to free yourself

Focusing Problems
They may occur due to anxiety or stress in adults. Discover the most effective vision program that will not only correct your eyes, but also your brain


Boost your Vision Efficiency

Vision Stimulation
It isn’t only for children or Old people, but also any other individual who may desire to correct or improve his vision and the best way is Vision Therapy


Want to get the best target?

Sports Vision
Sports Vision tests and training will help you (an athlete) determine or develop eye efficacy. We help basketball players, cricketer, and many others develop their sports visual skills

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Our Standardized Vision Therapy Process to Restore your Sight

Patient Come

With a warm welcome, you are received at Guru Nanak Vision Care Centre


Modern equipment and protocols are followed to diagnose your eye disorder


Approximately 16 sittings are scheduled to effectively treat that bothering eye disorder

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Live happier than never before with your new developed eye sight. Happy patient- Our Pride

Don’t Compromise with your vision

- Meet The Best Ophthalmologist in India

At Rana Hospital, Dr. Brijinder Singh Rana is highly experienced in treating wide variety of patients with varied ophthalmology problems. His in-depth knowledge, experienced approach, and customized solutions offered to every patient enables you to seek highest quality eye care treatments with enhanced results.

From initial consultation, diagnostic tests, to helping the patients understand the physiology of their problem and offering them with most suitable treatment options, Dr. Rana himself guides his patients discover the potential of different eye care options.

From LASIK, Cataract, Medical Retina, Glaucoma to Pediatric Care and Traumatic and Restorative procedures, Rana Hospital offers one-stop solution for all eye care treatment and facilities to its patients. Find out more about our procedures and seek a personalized consultation with Dr. Rana by contacting us at: +91-9815709777

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