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Amblyopia – Causes and Fixing Treatment in Adults

Amblyopia – Causes and Fixing Treatment in Adults

What is Lazy Eye in Adults?

What is Lazy Eye in Adults?

Amblyopia is the scientific term for the Lazy eye. Amblyopia is the deficiency of the clear sight in one or both the eyes. The brain is not able to recognize from one or both eyes. Our eye clinic is considered as the best eye hospital in India because of our previous results. Moreover, eye specialists are trained to treat the lazy eye treatment and with their constant efforts, we are able severe lazy eye treatment in India and other extremes of nearby countries.

Can Lazy Eye be corrected in Adults?

Yes, it is possible to correct this problem in the adult. The visual system is the combination of the eyes, brain and the visual pathway. This occurs due to the brain’s plasticity. This is known with the name of the Binocular vision. Binocular vision is the main cause of the Amblyopia. In this problem, both eyes see similarly and the brain is responsible for combining the images. This result in the double vision. When your surgeon will refrain the visual system and binocular vision, then the Lazy eyes can be corrected.

Adults: What Causes It?

Following are the causes of

  • There is constant eye turn in on the eye. This is commonly known as the strabismus.

  • There is a large difference between the vision and prescription between both eyes. This condition is commonly known as Anisometropia.

  • Sometimes, there is large prescription in both of the eyes; this is commonly known as Ametropia.

  • Sometimes, there is the reduced vision in one eye. This is caused due to the physical problems in the eye like corneal opacity, cataract. Actually prescription is the condition that specifies the physical problem of the eyes.

How to Fix a Lazy Eye in Adults: Treatment

Following are three types of treatment:

  • Vision therapy:This is the therapy that involves the series of the exercises and the activities. These exercises are responsible for improving the visual skills. In case of the eye problem named Amblyopia, Vision therapy is responsible for restoring the person’s binocular vision.

  • Glasses: sometimes, glasses are used to correct the prescription issue. The prescription lens is used in order to correct the eye issue. The right lens is required to correct the prescription.

  • Eye patching: In some cases, eye patching treatment can be used.

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