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Can Metformin Trigger Eye Conditions?

Can Metformin Trigger Eye Conditions?

Metformin is a common drug used to treat a number of health conditions such as PCOS in women, Type 2 Diabetes and it is at times used with insulin. To answer the above question, there are various considerations to generating answers as metformin is normally associated with blurry vision, but not every form of eye conditions.

A patient may experience blurry vision either once she begins taking metformin, or after years of utilizing the drug.

Onset Blurry Vision & Metformin
Normally, patients who complain about blurry vision once they begin taking Metformin are advised to lower the dose and increase it with time in case necessary. In this case, blurred vision occurs as your blood sugar levels are lowered by the metformin drug.

Women undergoing infertility treatment may complain about this condition, and in other cases, patients also complain about hair thinning after embarking on metformin. Usually, in case patients witness such incidences, they are advised to talk to their doctors. Such incidents are also based on to prevent metformin intake after a hair transplant as it may trigger hair loss in some patients.

Generally, patients who experience blurry vision within days of taking metformin report of no similar cases after a month as they disappear.

Blurry Vision After Years of Taking Metformin
Well, there are also patients who complain about blurry vision after years of taking metformin. This case is generally different from the above-explained case requires medical attention.

Blurry vision, in this case, occurs due to Vitamin B12 loss. Long-term use of metformin interrupts Vitamin B12 absorption from the food taken. Vitamin B12 is also known as ‘cobalamin’. Studies indicate that this vitamin aids in the formation of a protective shield to the nerves, including the optic nerve in your eyes.

A poorly balanced diet that limits the availability of V-B12 in addition to metformin use can cause chronic blurry vision.

Studies also indicate that prolonged metformin use can interfere the absorption of other nutrients Co Enzyme Q10 and V-B9. This case may induce various conditions such as fatigue, hair loss, blurry vision, and insomnia.

A medical examination in case of prolonged metformin use is required, otherwise, you may waste your time and money treating such conditions and undergoing surgery like a hair transplant.

How to Solve Blurry Vision Triggered by Metformin
Seeing an ophthalmologist or your doctor to alter the metformin dose per week is required.

Vitamin B12 supplements are recommended.

Try to perform various eye exercises to reduce the effect of blurry vision, such as blinking and flexing.

Improve your diet by incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Solutions include; eggs, milk, dahi, fish, and red meat.

Have enough sleep.

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