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Squint Eye Problems & Squint Eye Exercises (No surgery, No medicines)

Squint Eye Problems & Squint Eye Exercises (No surgery, No medicines)

Also known as strabismus, squint eye problems are disorders where one eye or both eyes point in different directions. The condition is commonly witnessed in children and when not immediately and effectively corrected, it can prevail throughout one’s life. Unlike other alternatives, squint is effectively treated with exercises at our centre and that includes no surgery or medications.

In the real sense, both eyes have to work jointly for proper vision and that means that they both have to move in the same direction. Squint eyes or a squint eye moves inward or outward while the normal one/ones focus in the same direction

What can trigger Squint?

According to the eye specialists at the best eye hospital in India, squint may be triggered by a number of conditions some of which include

  • Muscle weakness

The muscles of the eyes have to control their movements and in case the muscles of both eyes are weak or either of the eye’s muscles are weak, this can result in a squint.

  • Genetics

3% of children with squint are carriers and this means that either of the parent’s side has squint sufferers either knowingly or unknowingly. Genetically triggered squint can be handled by effective diagnosis and treatment right from childhood. Other causes of squint include

  • Nervous system disorders

  • Impaired vision due to an eye disease like cataract

  • Eye injury

Diagnosis of Squint

Squint can be detected by an experienced ophthalmologist or an optometrist in both children and adults. Unlike other eye conditions that are silent, squint can be immediately detected in a baby as vision forms. This can be detected from the child’s eye movements that can indicate an abnormality

Apart from a physical examination, an optometrist will observe one’s eye as he or she looks at the light, reads a chart, matching letters and pictures, and evaluating visual targets with one eye covered

Treatment of Squint/Squint Exercises

Unlike other eye conditions, the treatment of squint can be performed by mere eye exercises under the guidance of an Orthoptics. Just like in other countries, Squint Treatment in India is performed by weakening the eye muscles in the eye with stronger muscles in order to correct the weak muscles of the other eye

After receiving office squint exercises, one can even practice the exercises at home.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a non-invasive process of correcting several eye problems such as alignment, coordination, movement, and the eyes’ ability to interpret information from the brain.

The treatment plan with vision therapy can be devised depending on the extent of deformity or severity. You can also practice vision therapy exercises at home after receiving instructions from the optometrist.

What you must know about Squint

  • Squint can lead to amblyopia, a condition where the brain suppresses information from the eye with weak muscles

  • Double vision can also result from squint, a condition where one sees two images of one object.

  • Much as genetics and other conditions are known to trigger squint, one can develop squint from unknown sources

  • Some Indians associate squint eye problems to a local charm that can depict wealth and so on. It is also said that goddess Lakshmi was squint-eyed

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