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Are Video Games An Excellent Treatment For Lazy Eyes?

Are Video Games An Excellent Treatment For Lazy Eyes?

The combination of patching and vision therapy has for so long been used to treat Lazy eye, also known as Amblyopia. Later on, after discovering a connection between lazy eye and video games, video games have been identified as another excellent option for treating the eye disorder which requires no medication and could be fun during the process.

Basing on an article published in Gizmag, some Nottingham scientists have partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to adapt part of the PlayStation 3 titles with a major aim of developing a specific video game that is effective in treating Amblyopia. In this project known as I-BiT, it is intended to improve lazy eyes with even specialized designed glasses.

Video games as the First phase treatment

The development of specialized video games for amblyopia appears to be interesting and indeed an excellent innovation in the ophthalmologist/eye care and treatment sphere. Specialists at GN, a leading centre in providing Vision Therapy in India explain that this development is one way of addressing the binocular skills with various issues.

Amblyopia & Your Eyes

As Binocular skills come at the second stage of Amblyopia treatment, but you ought to understand how the eyes work. While treating Lazy Eye, it is vital to note that much as the eyes are supposed to be corrected, the brain must also be in the picture.

Amblyopia is regarded as a condition that affects the entire visual system with the fact that the visual path and the brain are included. You are able to get a clear picture of what you see with the help of the brain. When a person has Amblyopia, it means that one eye is stronger than the other and it means that both eyes won’t cooperate.

When the normal eye sends information to the brain, the affected eye will also send a picture which automatically disturbs the brain. You can judge this by yourself as confusion is witnessed in what you see and perceive.

This all brings about poor vision that requires restoration.

How do Video games work!

The main focus while using video games to treat Amblyopia is stretched to the Lazy Eye (affected eye). The normal eye is closed and the video game is played with affected eye and in the process, the binocular vision is restored.

However, various considerations have come up as to whether the improved vision through video games can still be enjoyed afterwards.

With this, specialists are compelled to devise various ways of involving the brain to coordinate with the affected eye even after the treatment.

With an aim of treating Lazy Eye, optometrists must evaluate the patient’s condition before providing the right Lazy Eye Treatment in India.


Patients shouldn’t purchase video games and begin playing them as a way of treating Lazy Eye. There are specialized video games with specific glasses developed for this purpose.

It is, therefore, necessary to seek help from a vision therapist for various Lazy eye treatments with efficacy. Lazy eye can affect one throughout his or her life, immediate treatment is necessary.

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