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Vision Therapy – An Alternative Solution to Squint Eye Problem

Vision Therapy – An Alternative Solution to Squint Eye Problem

Vision therapy in India is used to aligning the eyes. if your eyes are aligned with the therapy earlier, then there is still good chance to align the vision again. If you are having the problem of constantly turning your eyes, then you eye surgeon will provide you the combination of the two types of the surgeries. This type of the eye therapy is suitable for those whose eyes are not working together with the best depth perception. You can consult the best eye consultant for squint eye treatment in India.

Not an Eye Muscle Problem

Strabismus is the brain problem. There are six eyeballs that are associated with each eye. These muscles are responsible for moving and aligning the eyes. Most of the researchers show that strabismus is caused by the damaged of the eye muscles. There is the condition when the good eye is fully covered, then eye has the limited ability to move in all the directions.

When the eyes muscles are normal or covered the one eye, then your other eyes will move in all the directions. When both of the eyes are uncovered, then your brain will fail to coordinate the muscles to align the eyes.

The Cosmetic Problem

Strabismus may cause the some of the problems with the appearance. Most of the people with strabismus feel embarrassed when others don’t know which eye will look at you.

The Seeing Problem

Strabismus affects the way we look. When we see the straight, then each eye will make the different picture to the brain. The brain usually makes the three-dimensional image. When the eyes are crossed, then pictures of the two eyes don’t match for the longer period of time. This will create the world double and the runs together.

With this condition, the person will knock over the things. If your eyes are crossing in a continuous manner, then you will suppress or ignore the information from the deviated eye. At the same time, if the eyes are turned in, this will lead to the problem of the partial blind. This is commonly known as amblyopia.

Treatment of Strabismus

  • Patching : If the strabismus problem is unilateral then your good eye may also patch the bad eye work. This will lead to the problem of the vision loss. When this patching will preserve the sight, then it will develop the little depth perception. This will lead to the turning of the eye more often.

  • Glasses : If the child is suffering from the far-sighted problem, then the muscles inside the eyes will contract for the clear seeing. Then your brain will contract the muscles, and then your eye will turn inward. This condition is commonly known as accommodative esotropia. This will straighten the eyes on the temporary basis. In most of these cases, your eyes will turn and rectify with the help of the therapy.

  • Eye-Muscle Therapy : This is the therapy that is used to alter the outside the eye muscles in order to remove the difficulty with the eye-brain coordination. There are numbers of the patients for whom the eye-muscle therapy would be part of the necessary treatment. This treatment is cosmetic in nature.

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