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How the Vision therapy and light therapy helps to relieve the headaches?

How the Vision therapy and light therapy helps to relieve the headaches?

There are millions of the people who are suffered from the frequent headaches. Vision therapy in India is the ultimate solution for relieving the headaches. Headaches are of many types of primary, migraines, secondary etc.

What are the conditions that cause the severe headaches?

The following conditions can cause headaches due to eye problems in India:

  • Eyestrain and fatigue

  • Dry, red, watery or itchy eyes

  • Blurry vision

  • Lazy eye

  • Focusing and tracking difficulties

  • Light sensitivity

  • Double vision

Other causes of the headaches:

  • Brain injuries

  • Poor posture

  • Medication

  • Illness or infection

  • Caffeine

  • Obesity

  • Lack of sleep

  • Dehydration

There are the large numbers of the eye factors that are responsible for a tension headache like eyestrain, focusing difficulties, poor eye teamwork. Most of the persons are facing the computer vision syndrome. There are 90% of the people who are using the computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

Vision and Light therapy:

Vision and light therapy provide the treatment of the headache pain of the visual origin. First thing is to discover the root cause of the problem. There are some of the eye problems that are usually undiagnosed because these eye problems are not tested as a part of the routine eye examination.

  • Poor eye coordination and focusing and convergence problems are the undetected eye problem that can cause the severe headaches.

  • Lazy eyes and the misaligned eyes are the forms of the daily headaches.

These types of the problems are revealed after the in-depth vision evaluation. After the detail evaluation, we will perform the vision therapy according to the need of the person. In this therapy, special eye activities are performed with the help of the special equipment such as lenses and the computers. Vision therapy is used to train your eyes so that it can work together to improve the vision. This therapy will help you to relive the headaches and other vision-related problems.

Syntonic Phototherapy is used with the vision therapy. Syntonic Phototherapy is used to balance the autonomic nervous system to treat the eye conditions. This is used to control the perceptual visual field. When the light enters the eye, then it joins together with the brain centers. This will help in normal visual processing.

Multiple colored lenses are worn for the 20 minutes alternatively for several times a week. The colored lens is range from the yellow, lime green, aqua green to the dark blue, purple, red and magenta. Each color is used to treat the various visual problems.

What are the various issues that can be improved with the vision and the light therapies?

Following are the issues that can be treated with the help of the vision and the light therapies.

  • Poor memory

  • Poor coordination or balance

  • Reduced concentration and comprehension

  • Dizziness

  • Motion sickness

  • Poor depth judgment

  • Emotional fatigue

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