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Cornea OR Corneal Transplant Surgery

The Cornea is a thin layer located at the outermost part of the eye. The cornea has many purposes, but one of them is to focus the light so that you may view objects clearly.

Certain conditions can cause damage to the cornea which results in poor vision. They include;

  • A previous infection or injury that results in scarring
  • Corneal sore or ulcers due to an infection
  • Cornea deformation
  • Diseased corneas
  • Botched eye surgeries
  • Keratocomus
  • Age
  • Medical conditions like Fuchs’ dystrophy or effects of drugs among others

Corneal Transplants in India

Corneal Transplantation is possible in case a part or the whole cornea is affected and there is poor vision.

The transplanted corneas are retrieved from individuals who donated their corneas before death.

Corneal transplants are expensive

Corneal Transplant is also known as Keratoplasty a procedure performed by specialized Ophthalmologists after a good eye evaluation. A Corneal Transplant Surgery in India is relatively cheap and affordable

There are 3 forms of Corneal transplants performed (PK and DALK) they include;

1. Full Thickness Corneal Transplant
This type of Keratoplasty is performed in case one has a severely damaged cornea. It is also performed in the case of scarring or extreme bulging

During the procedure, the different layers of the layers are scraped off and replaced by stitching the new cornea onto the eye

It is complicated and has a longer recovery period

2. Partial Thickness Corneal Transplant (DALK)
The Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty is where small parts of the cornea and removed and replaced. The procedure is best in the case of scarring or Keratoconus. It has a shorter recovery period

3. The Endothelial Keratoplasty (EK)
Descemet’s stripping endothelial keratoplasty (DSEK or DSAEK) is the commonest type of endothelial Keraplasty performed. EK involves correcting the endothelium, which is the innermost layer of the cornea