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Diplopia / Double Vision

Diplopia / Double Vision

Diplopia is also described as Double Vision a problem where an individual sees two images rather than the one object he must see. With Diplopia, one image is actually present, but due to underlying conditions, a patient will see two overlapping images and at times hard to identify the reality of the image

  • Double vision may occur in one eye or both of them
  • The eye disorder automatically makes reading, driving, calculating, and mere vision difficult.
  • This particular eye disorder can occur in children as well as adults
  • There are two types of Diplopia


Binocular Diplopia- this is identified when a patient experiences double vision when both eyes are open

Monocular Diplopia- this is where double vision occurs in only one eye.


Double vision is common in children and it may be the source of poor performance and lack of concentration at school.
Children aged below 2 years may experience double vision, but they will fail to report the issue thinking that it is normal. That is why parents must be diligent when observing their children’s activities

The Cause of Diplopia or Double Vision

There are different factors that can lead to double vision, either binocular or monocular diplopia. They include;

  • Astigmatism- this is a refractive disorder characterised with an irregular corneal shape
  • Cataracts- It is also a refractive issue where one experiences a cloudy vision and issues with his or her lens
  • Dry Eye Syndrome- a feeling where your eyes are too dry without sufficient tears
  • Squint- It is where the eyes do not coordinate and each points in the opposite angle
  • Pain in eyes- this may also disturb vision, hence leading to double vision

Other causes may include;

  • Migraine
  • Brain tumors
  • Droopy eyes
  • Thyroid eye conditions
  • Headache
  • Strokes


Identifying the cause of double vision or Diplopia is vital when it comes to Double Vision Treatment in India.

It is not advisable to wait for the problem to erode itself since it may cause a lot of damage

Early treatment can correct vision or reduce the effects of the eye disorder

Vision Therapy is deal for correcting Diplopia and an effective treatment plan can be attained from our eye care centre

Do not develop your own treatment for sudden Double Vision, let a specialized doctor help you out


Pre-testing, assessment that includes laboratory tests may be required. 2,000 rupees or less may be considered when it comes to diagnostic procedures
In the case of treatment, Double Vision Treatment Cost in India may be considered to be Rs.15, 000 or more. The cost may reduce depending on the treatment plan developed

Our eye care centre provides affordable and cost effective Vision Therapy Programs when it comes to Double Vision Treatment