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Focusing Problems


There are a number of vision disorders and Eye Focusing is one of them. Focusing problems are also referred to as Accommodative Dysfunction a refractive disorder where your eyes are slow to capture images either far or those near

The normal eyes have to automatically facilitate proper vision by adjusting the lens within the eyes. This happens whenever you rotate your eyes in any direction, i.e Up, Down, East, West, South or North.

Focusing issues occur in both children and adults, but children are known to have a higher level of focusing capacity. The focusing capacity may decline as the child grows

Children with focusing issues may find classroom activities, especially copying work from the black, writing or reading tiresome and burdensome. They will automatically lose interest in studies

Focusing problems in adults as a result of age are described as Presbyopia. The loss of proper focusing is due to the fact that age causes the lenses to lose their flexibility or elasticity.

Causes of Focusing Problems

  • The Ciliary muscle located inside the eyes aid in focusing, which is generally termed as Accommodative Dysfunction.
  • In the process, the muscle contracts, the shape of the lens changes, hence allowing the individual see the object clearly
  • The contracted muscle later relaxes once the eyes are focused and there won’t be any vision struggles.
  • Cases where a child or an individual has focusing problems, the eyes can’t achieve the energy to allow contraction to occur or even relax once the eyes are being focused on the object.

Most patients with focusing problems will also complain about; (Signs and Symptoms)

  • Blurry Vision
  • Headaches
  • Eye Strain
  • Low vision accuracy
  • Eye Concentration issues
  • Problems when it comes to distant vision
  • Pain in and around the eyes
  • Low productivity among others


Most patients may acquire eyeglasses as the first Focusing Problem Treatment in India, but Vision Therapy is far more ideal. The eyeglasses in the real sense do not correct focusing issues, but only aid a patient while the eyeglasses are fitted onto the eyes

Well an eye care provider may also suggest bifocals and reading lenses to reduce the focusing problems

The Cost of Focusing Problem Treatment
The treatment normally depends on the eye care centre rates and type of treatment being selected.
The Focusing Problem Treatment Cost in India with vision therapy is more productive for both young and old

With the help of modern eye practices in Vision Therapy, there is significant improvement produced by the eye expert at our centre