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Advanced Glaucoma Treatment in India

Glaucoma attacks the drainage system of the eyes and it is specifically the leading cause of blindness or loss of vision among human beings. Glaucoma establishes it’s self with a number of symptoms, but pressure is the number one factor that you will first experience with Glaucoma

Therefore, Glaucoma refers to the eye condition where there is increased pressure within one eye or both eyes. In case left untreated, it leads to peripheral vision loss and later total blindness

There are various types of Glaucoma and any of them must be detected before Glaucoma Treatment in India and they include;

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma
It manifests its self suddenly. Within hours, the pressure in the eyes builds up and one will experience headaches, nausea, halos around light, red eyes, and dilated pupils among others.

Normal Tension Glaucoma
With this type of Glaucoma, there is no increased pressure in the eyes, but the problem lies with the optic nerve which is damaged. The IOP remains normal

Congenital Glaucoma
This type of Glaucoma is said to be present at birth, but usually detected at the age of 1 or 1 and a half years.

Secondary Glaucoma
It is as a result of chronic glaucoma accompanied by eye injuries, which leads to other elevated eye issues like inflammation

Acute (Angle Closure) Glaucoma
It is as a result of the drainage system being blocked

Possible Treatments

1. Glaucoma Laser Surgeries
Advanced technology has introduced us to a number of laser surgeries that can treat Glaucoma by reducing the pressure within the eyes. The selected laser surgery depends on the type of Glaucoma one suffers from

Other treatments include;

  • Medications
  • Drainage Implants
  • Viscocanalostomy (Filtering surgery)
  • Conventional Surgery