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Headaches Related to Eye disorders/problems

If you experience frequent or recurring headaches without exposing your eyes to computers or mobile phones, then an underlying medical condition may be the cause, but if you experience headaches with full awareness of your frequent digital exposures then that it is the root of the headache.

Much as headaches can be experienced due to a number of factors, mere reading a novel for some people may also trigger a headache. Headaches are also common in children with eye problems, though many cases are present in adults. Underestimated habits such as;

  • Staring at the computer or mobile phone for a long period of time
  • Using poor lights such as disco lights, dim light or too bright light
  • Increased eye strain
  • Squinting

can trigger headaches

Eye Problems that Trigger Headaches

The following eye problems may be the cause of your headaches

Long-Sightedness (Hyperopia)
With long-sightedness, one finds it hard to achieve the proper vision since the images are focused behind the eye instead of the retina. One will also experience blurry vision when it comes to capturing nearby objects

Eye Strain
Cases where the cornea or the lens are disfigured this will exert more pressure on the eye muscles to focus on the images for proper vision. This will cause recurring headaches

It is an eye condition that occurs due to an irregularly shaped cornea or the lens within the eye being curvatured. One with Astigmatism will squint more frequently in order to focus for proper vision. This will result in headaches in the long run

Presbyopia is commonly as a result of aging. The hardened muscles due to aging causes issues with focusing, headaches and then sore eyes

Papilloedema refers to swelling of the optic disc due to the increased intracranial pressure. A tumor in the brain, swelling, or hemorrhage can cause result into Papilloedema. Double vision, Blurry vision and headaches are some of the consequences

It is described as the increased pressure in the eye which results in damage to the optic nerve. The pressure is because of the increased inability to drain the fluid properly. Angle Closure Glaucoma manifests itself with severe symptoms among which are blurred vision and headaches

The clouding of the eye’s lens is described as cataracts and it can also trigger headaches

Treatment for Headaches Triggered by Eye Problems

Alteration from the poor working habits as mentioned earlier may provide improvement in case one suffers from headaches due to eye problems in India. A period of a week is enough to observe as change

Getting enough sleep in order to relax the eye muscles and reduce light exposure to the eyes is also vital when trying to eliminate the headaches associated with eye problems

Visiting an eye care practitioner will also an excellent idea. An annual eye checkups are vital when it comes to promoting eye health, so visit an Ophthalmologist for an examination and tests in case you are suffering from headaches due to eye problems

Changing contact lenses or eyeglasses is one of the available alternatives

Other treatments like Vision therapy among others, can be an option