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Amblyopia / Lazy Eye

Amblyopia Treatment With Vision Therapy

Also known as “Lazy Eye” Amblyopia is a sight disorder where there is reduced vision in one eye or two due to the failure of the eye and the brain to cooperate. It is one of the commonest eye disorder in children, though it also affects the adults.

According to research, Amblyopia “Lazy Eye” doesn’t indicate that the eyes are lazy in movement, but the source of trouble is the brain, where the information is sent for interpretation. With Amblyopia, the brain is not working properly and at times ignoring the information as it may be sent to it, thereby leading to poor vision.

One with Amblyopia may have one eye affected, whereas the other is functioning properly. This eye disorder reduces a child’s ability to focus due to poor shaped eyes or poor alignment of the eyes. The problem goes ahead to affect one’s reading abilities, sight and eye function. With this, activities like driving, piloting or decision making are compromised

Signs & Symptoms of Amblyopia

Amplyopia signs are quite difficult to detect in children, but an eye evaluation process and tests during infancy is crucial.

  • Crossed eyes
  • Disturbed sight when one eye is covered
  • Abnormal shape or movement of the eye
  • Poor vision acuity, even after the prescription of contact lenses or eyeglasses

Causes of Amblyopia

Amblyopia due to Strabismus

Strabismus is the commonest cause of Amblyopia. The brain may try to avoid double vision due to poorly aligned eyes by ignoring the visual information from the misaligned eye hence causing amblyopia.

Amblyopia due to Refractive Errors

The effect of untreated nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism may lead to Amblyopia

Amblyopia due to Deprivation or Obstruction

Any obstruction that may prevent light from entering into the child’s eye and as well being focused may lead to Amblyopia, for example congenital cataract or ptosis (droopy eyelid)

Lazy Eye Treatment

Though Amblyopia is treatable at any age, early detection renders the treatment effective and less costly.

Orthoptic Vision Therapy is the best form of treatment for Amblyopia, especially in children. Research has shown that children benefit from the therapy eliminating the need for other treatment approaches

Patching and binocular approach are some of the effective methods of Lazy Eye Treatment in India. The treatment is friendly and no side effects to be feared as related to other treatments like surgeries.

Vision therapy generally aims at improving visual abilities, i.e, eye tracking and spatial skills (eye-hand coordination). Though patching may be used, vision therapy reduces the need for it.

Vision therapy improves stereopsis and also reduces suppression

Do you need to worry about the cost?

Absolutely no. Amblyopia or Lazy eye treatment cost in India with Vision Therapy is extremely affordable and friendly. Depending on the severity of the disorder, the therapy program is drawn and it consists of weekly visits to the Optometrist’s office.

Have your child tested for Lazy eyes 3 or 4 months after birth. Do the same after 5 years