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Learning / Reading Problems

Learning OR Reading Disorder; Treatment in India

Learning or reading disorders occur commonly in children and unless a parent monitors the child, the disorder may cause a lot of effect.

Dyslexia or Dyscalculia are the conditions that affect children. The learning issues can be addressed by a number of treatments, management tips and home remedies.

Normally, the child will require special treatment at school or at home. Despite the learning constraints or disorders, the child is entitled to any class activity or fair treatment at school just like the other children

The child may undergo special or specific learning lectures as well as attending normal school. This can also help him cope up with the learning system

NOTE: Learning or reading disorders are very frustrating, especially as the child grows to understand the exact impact of his learning or reading disorder. It can lead to;
1. Depression
2. Poor performance in classroom activities or co-curricular activities
3. Low self esteem
4. Self disappointment among others

Seeking immediate treatment from mental health practitioners, Optometrists, and counsellors is an ideal decision. There are also learning education centres that can help a child attain better learning skills.
A parent must also play a part during the course of treatment

Learning or Reading problem Treatment

There are various treatment approaches for Learning or Reading problem in India. The treatments will help address various issues like Scotopic Sensitivity, ocular dominance, eye teaming, among others

Determining the actual learning disability in a child, but it must be noted that Dyslexia isn’t a visual disorder, but a disorder where a child can’t read properly. It is one of the commonest learning disorder and can be life threatening in case no immediate action is taken

Dyslexia can cause issues during spelling, mathematic lessons, writing, and reading concerns which include reading the text, processing it and deriving the actual meaning from it.

Overcoming the issues

There are numerous special education centres and eye care centres that help children to overcome or cope with the learning or reading problem.

Determining Specific learning techniques
It is after a diagnostic procedure that special learning techniques to treat a certain learning or reading disorder are generated. Also, physical through observation and eye assessment can a eye care practitioner help a child.
The techniques will help a child produce immediate results

Classroom modifications and teaching approaches
When a child is diagnosed with learning disabilities, the teachers may play a part in helping a child. This can be done through extra teaching classes, providing ample time for the child to complete the classroom work, providing printed notes, using videos or recordings among others
Orton-Gillingham (OG) is one of the best approaches which is greatly sequential, structured, and multisensory

Professional Assistance
Speech-language pathologists, reading specialists, child psychologists, vision therapists, and child neuropsychologists among others can provide effective treatment

Prescribed medications after diagnostic procedures can also help be helpful. The treatments can be given alongside other treatment approaches like vision therapy and they have produced better results, especially in academics