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Myopia / Nearsighted

Myopia or Nearsightedness Treatment with Vision Therapy

Myopia commonly occurs in adults, but one shouldn’t be surprised to learn that his or her child is diagnosed with Myopia at the age of 5. Myopia or nearsightedness is the inability of the child or adult to view or see clearly images at a distance.

Nearsightedness isn’t largely associated with genetics due to the fact that old men and women aged 50 and above have to deal with this particular vision problem.

It is favorably better to seek help from an Ophthalmologist regarding nearsightedness as soon as possible since it has been identified that more young men and women below the age of 40 are highly diagnosed with the problem

Myopia Signs & Symptoms

People with Myopia commonly find it difficult to read road signs that are at a distance. Other symptoms include;

  • Eye Strain
  • Squinting
  • Headaches
  • See distant objects will generally be hard

Nearsightedness in Children & Adults (The Root)

Nearsightedness in children may occur as a result of early engagement in reading activities or as a genetic problem. In adults, straining the eyes while reading and over using the computers yet less sleep can result in nearsightedness.

Depending on the degree of Myopia, the eye disorder can be effectively corrected, but one must note that it is progressive

Treating Myopia / Nearsightedness

As opposed to the alternative treatment options like surgery, eyeglasses, and contacts, Myopia treatment in India is best done with Vision therapy. Though this may not apply to all patients, vision therapy is the safest way of treating the eye disorder in children

Specifically eyeglasses and contacts do not eliminate the problem, but only cover it up. They simply help one’s vision but when the eyeglasses or contacts are put off, one faces the same problem “nearsightedness”

Looking at Myopia / Nearsightedness

Myopia, especially in children or young adults must not be looked at as a major eye disorder, but rather, a minor issue that can be corrected easily. However, that should not make you rest since Progressive and Severe Myopia is considered a degenerative condition that can lead to legal blindness.

Those with a degenerative condition (Degenerative Myopia) are at the risk of cataracts

Myopia / Nearsightedness Treatment Cost

Guru Nanak eye care centre provides suitable vision Therapy programs to Myopic patients (adults and children) at a very considerate cost. Myopia treatment cost in India with Vision Therapy can be estimated to cost a patient between Rs.13, 000 to Rs.30, 000 depending on the degree of Myopia

How to Prevent OR Reduce Myopia

The following will help you in reducing or even eradicate Myopia

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Using good and enough light
  • Use computers, phones or even reading while sitting properly
  • Take breaks as much as possible while using computers or reading
  • Talk to the eye care practitioner in case of any inconvenience