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Sports Vision


Athletes need to develop their visual ability for excellent performance. Vision Therapy for athletes encompasses many spheres and each athlete is provided with his or her own Vision Therapy program depending on;

  • Nature of sports
  • Current Vision ability
  • Current constraints
  • Troubles and so on.

Sports Vision Training with Vision Therapy is a noninvasive program that will gradually improve or establish one’s athletic performance. Eye assessment is done at our eye care centre where an athlete’s visual abilities and weaknesses are determined

Of course, all athletes can’t produce the same performance, but working on one’s vision can improve his or her performance. Also, working on visual acuity can address many issues in sports


Depth Perception
The eye care practitioner utilizes tests like Howard-Dolman Apparatus to determine an athletes’ ability to see in three dimensions. The aim of developing this skill is to facilitate flexible vision in all dimensions and also use both eyes at the same time

Eye focusing skills are crucial during games. Accommodation skills help you to establish the best focus and in this way, you will be able to control the ball and as well focus on your opponent. Developing this skill will result in accuracy and flexibility during the game

Visual Acuity
This simply refers to the clarity of the eyes. An athlete must possess 20/20 vision in order to view near or far objects, make decisions as fast as he could and also read his fellow players’ mind. The result of poor visual acuity is poor performance even as the player is talented

Vergence (Eye Teaming)
This refers to the potential of your eyes to cooperate. Lack of eye teaming will result in eyestrain, dizziness, low productivity, headaches among others. The Saladin Near Point Balance Card is one of the tests performed to know the level of your eye teaming during Sports Vision Training in India

Ocular Posture
This is referred to as the resting position of the eyes. In this, the eye specialist will determine the presence or absence of strabismus. This is one way of finding the level of coordination of the eyes. Ocular Alignment tests must be performed by an experienced Optometrist

Visual Processing Speed and Hand-Eye Coordination
This sphere will analyse your ability to see things and then act urgently. Tests under this vision exercise will help your brain act quickly in games like baseball. Also, your hands are trained to coordinate with the eye movements during the game

Ocular Motility and Fusion
Neural connections and the eye muscles play an important role in facilitating ocular motility. During the game, a player has to focus and act fast and in case of poor ocular motility, there will be no or less accuracy

Advantages of Sports Vision Training

  • A Sports vision program is determined according the person and it will perfectly help you achieve your specific goals and objectives
  • Different techniques are used during the program such as, visualization. This will help the athlete perceive him or herself with a high performance, hence stimulating your brain to focus and deliver a high output
  • Sports vision training will help you eliminate vision constraints