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Strabismus / Squint

Strabismus / Squint

Squint is an eye disorder that commonly develops in children. Squint/Strabismus/Crossed Eye is the inability of the eye/s to focus and work properly at a time. With crossed eyes, the eyes have poor alignment and they may perform as they want at a time. For example, one eye will point in the East, whereas another will point in the West.

Crossed eye is known to be as a result of weak muscles and this may be in only one eye or both eyes. The initial stages of Crossed eyes can be corrected effectively, but failure may result into Amblyopia “Lazy Eye”

With Crossed eyes, it is always difficult to control the eyes as much as one may try harder to until help is sought from eye specialists.

Esotropia is where the eye turns inward (towards the nose) whereas Exotropia is where the eye turns outward (towards the ear)

Possible Causes of Strabismus/Crossed Eye

Crossed eye(s) is a problem believed to run in families (genetic) and that is why it is important to have your baby examined immediately after birth or after a few months. Other possible causes include;

  • Severe farsightedness (hyperopia) which is left untreated
  • Head trauma or stroke
  • Weak muscles
  • Eye coordination issues in children

What are the signs and symptoms of crossed eyes

Though crossed eyes can also occur in adults, the problem normally develops with time. Therefore, it is important to observe your child as he or she grows to curb the problem

  • Squinting with one eye
  • Eyes that do not focus or look in the same direction together
  • Poor alignment of the eyes

Squint/Crossed Eyes Treatment

The treatments mainly target the weakened muscles in the affected eye. Normally, the affected eye will be put to test by using it more frequently than the normal eye in order to correct vision

Treatments include:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Vision Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Injections

Treating Squint/Crossed Eye with Vision Therapy

At the leading Vision Therapy eye care centre, Squint treatment in India is effectively performed with Vision Therapy. Our eye specialists perform related diagnostic procedures and perfectly treat Squint in both children and adults. We are very dedicated and sympathetic towards our patients, therefore, expect to get a better vision therapy plan at our eye care centre

The Cost of Squint/Crossed Eye treatment with Vision Therapy

Much as we want to be straightforward, to all our patients, the squint treatment cost in India, especially at our centre can’t be clearly determined before examining the patient’s situation. Factors that determine the cost include;

  • Squint severity
  • The vision therapy package
  • The length of the program
  • Extra treatment approaches required and so on.

All in all, our cost is completely friendly and affordable for all patients