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Vision Stimulation

Vision Stimulation

Toddlers or infants mainly use the senses that are; smell, touch, feel, hear, and move. Children below the age of 1 can effectively sense and act what they see, much as their vision is under development.

Newly born babies can’t see, but within a few days, they are able to identify their mother’s touch, scent, voice and so on. The baby’s vision system (nervous system) develops with time and that is why it is crucial for the parent to play a part in the child’s visual development.

As the baby grows, it will get attracted to glittering or light reflecting objects. Keeping the child outdoors will also help him or her learn to differentiate between the colors, images and observe the realities in life. You may have been doing this reluctantly, but it greatly helps to develop the baby’s visual capacity

There are two types of Cataracts, so before treatment, the professional optometrist or Ophthalmologist has to determine the type of Cataract that one suffers from;

Congenital Cataracts- also known as childhood cataracts, it occurs once a baby is born or later as it grows

Age-Related Cataracts- this type occurs during an advanced age in men and women and it is very common

Visual Function in Babies

Proper vision is facilitated by the brain. The fact that the baby’s brain is also under development, it will not differentiate between the colors seen but will have blurred vision

Another fact is that the retina on which the light is cast once it enters through the cornea is partially developed. All colors are easily differentiated by the adults, but with babies, black and white are the only colors observed.

Visual development is also promoted by the various sensory experiences a child is able to utilize at infancy. When these sensory experiences aren’t fully utilized, the brain will not produce the best vision possible

Vision Stimulation Treatment

Early Vision Intervention is important in case the child is to develop an effective vision. Sensory impairments area said to affect visual development in babies and this can affect their entire life.

Vision Stimulation is completely different from vision therapy and parents shouldn’t confuse them. Parents can play a vital part in developing the neurological pathways in the brain.

Mental problems like stress, trauma, and other impairments may also slow down the rate of vision development in children. Immediate Vision Stimulation Treatment in India can help correct the poor vision in children.
Vision stimulation involves the brain and the sensory organs of the baby and through that, visual development and acuity is promoted.
Vision Stimulation can be done through the following;

  • Using Contrast objects
  • Use sensory stimulation kits
  • Determine your child’s visual problems
  • Decorate the room with colors for it to differentiate it
  • Buy toys, iPads, and other objects for him or her to play with or locate them
  • Don’t limit the child to indoor activities
  • Provide enough light
  • Make changes in the classroom

Modern vision stimulation centres may help you out. Specialized visual classes are aimed at diagnosing the visual issues in your child and correcting them effectively with the help of modern technology. Accessing such treatment is not costly, one may consider Vision Stimulation Treatment Cost in India to differ depending on the centre visited and the optometrist
Extensive range of pediatric eye problems is handled and effectively corrected