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What is Vision Therapy?

Correcting Vision With Vision Therapy

Other Aspects are stimulated too

Vision Therapy is a scientific developed method of correcting vision in children and adults. The program has existed for years, and with more research, the therapy is effective all around.

Vision Therapy only utilizes computer based or non-computer based programs to correct vision in patients. There are no surgeries or use of drugs when it comes to Vision Therapy, rendering the procedure safe and effective for all individuals

What does Vision Therapy really mean?

Vision Therapy encompasses many methods in restoring vision, but the methods are free of any drugs and invasive procedures.

Ideally, Vision Therapy includes;

  • Behavioral Optometry
  • Orthoptic Vision Therapy
  • Behavioural Vision Therapy

Each program consists of different exercises and each is provided to the patient depending on the vision problem to be treated

Vision Therapy, also termed as Vision Training, is a nonsurgical approach used to deal with or improve vision skills. Vision therapy is conducted by an Optometrist or an Orthoptist in his or her office under proper supervision.

Note: Optometric Vision Therapy is completely different from any personal conducted eye exercises. Unless the doctor trains you for the home eye exercises, then one can be assured of the best results as intended.

A program must be developed after eye examinations are conducted or tests to determine the vision problem

Normally Vision Therapy is provided to;

  • To improve or control the eye movement
  • Improve Eye Coordination
  • Change one’s perception, interpretation, and processing of visual information
  • Improve efficiency and ease and visual abilities
  • Reduce strain or pressure within the eyes
  • Improve fundamental visual skills and abilities

How is Vision Corrected during Vision Therapy

Generally, with the help of vision therapy exercises. A wide range of specialized tools are used and among them include;

  • Prisms
  • Therapeutic lenses
  • Occluders
  • Filters
  • Balance boards
  • Computer programs

Who is a Candidate for Vision Therapy?

  • Both children and adults are helped through Vision Therapy in India
  • Those with Strabismus, headaches, and diplopia can access the therapy
  • Individuals with poor eye concentration or coordination
  • Trouble focusing on close objects
  • Difficulty in tracking lines (text)
  • Poor Vision

Vision is developed with time, but as we all grow, vision problems may also develop due to genetics, frequent exposure to strong light, and overusing computers and electronic gadgets.

Research has shown that much as adults access vision therapy programs, many are children since poor vision absolutely affects their learning in school

Therefore, Optometrist checkups and examinations are required annually to prevent or reduce the possibilities of poor vision in life.

The therapy is cost effective and highly depends on the program formulated and best suitable for a patient. Vision Therapy cost in India normally runs from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 35,000. This includes different settings that are conducted on a weekly basis.